Knours. Be Kind Everyday Mask (5 sheets)

Knours. Be Kind Everyday Mask (5 sheets)

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A reminder to Be Kind to yourself everyday.

They say a sheet mask a day keeps skin troubles at bay. To that, we say yes! and even better if the mask is biodegradable and formulated with clean ingredients, gentle enough for daily use.


  • - moisturizing
  • - brightening
  • - restoring & nourishing

Healthy Living Checked

✔️100% EWG Verified™

✔️Fragrance Free

✔️Natural Colors

✔️SLS Free

✔️GMO Free

✔️Phthalates Free

✔️PEG Free

✔️Silicone Free

✔️Paraben Free

✔️No Animal Testing

Key Ingredients: 

Glucose, Fructose and Hyaluronic Acid 
Are all naturally occurring ingredients that work together to keep dehydrated skin at bay so you can have a long-lasting hydration boost 

Moutan Peony Root Extract 

Soothes your skin while protecting its natural barrier from all the harmful things you don’t want nearby 

Eucalyptus Fibers

Biodegradable eucalyptus fibers are woven into a thin fabric for the sheet masks for a more eco-friendly option.

4 Organic Aroma Oils 
give you a natural and unbelievably relaxing treatment that goes beyond the skin’s surface level so your whole body can enjoy